welcome to mango dayz

A Modded DayZ Server

A DayZ Standalone server focusing on a little faster-paced gameplay, Epoch-style. Get to the fun part quicker! Based in Europe.

Our DayZ Servers


Summer Chernarus map


Location: EU

Language: English


Winter Chernarus map


Location: EU

Language: English


Party Me –  Press p to open the Group menu!

Black Market – Exclusive wares at a dangerous market!

Active Admins – We have admins on the US and EU timezone, you can count on us!

More Cars – Save up for a fancy workhorse in this post-apocalyptic world, or cheap out for a Gunter!

More Clothing – Tons of new clothing for you to choose between!

More Weapons – Find a weapon to match your style!

Trader Cities – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Find them at Klen, and Kotka.

Unlimited Stamina – Enjoy this running simulator without having to stop!

Airdrops – High-risk missions harbour VERY good riches to those able to neutralize the threat around them. The only way to get breachingcharges!

… and more, including an abundance of mods!

New Player Starter Kit

New players will receive a basebuilding kit with tools and materials to build a modest-sized base, along with a crate to store it all in! New players will also receive a one-time cash bonus of 25000 rubles which can be located in the ATM at traders.

To receive your basebuilding kit you can simply make a ticket in our discord!