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Dayz tips  

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DayZ Tips (Beginner’s Tips: 1-25)

These tips are for those who are new to the game and will include the most basic aspects of survival in DayZ.

1. Use an online map, such as iZurvive, to help you navigate around the game.
2. Bandanas can be used as a bandage
3. Rags can be disinfected with alcohol to prevent infection.
4. Rope can be created with 12 rags – combine 2 stacks of 6 together
5. Melee weapons add too much weight, use a can of food instead
6. Food and drink are commonly found at the small wooden boats around the coast
7. Killing zombies is a great way to get supplies such as food, drink, batteries, tools etc.
8. Tools are most commonly found in sheds/farms
9. Crouching will be less likely to alert zombies than walking/running
10. Zombies can attract each other by screaming
11. Drinking water from a pond/stream has a chance to make you ill
12. Antibiotics are used to clear illnesses/infections
13. Use duct tape to repair weapons, tools, bags and other similar items
14. Using a sewing kit will stitch up your wounds or repair civilian clothing
15. Use a leather sewing kit to repair military gear
16. When an item is ruined, it is unable to be repaired. Once a ruined item is removed, it can no longer be re-equipped
17. Sprint until your stamina bar is half full – this gives you to have a reserve of stamina in case you get attacked
18. Your character is heavier when wet, reducing your stamina
19. When wet, you become cold, causing your health to decreases. Find a source of heat/shelter to dry off.
20. Road flares can be used to light fires
21. You can store water in containers such as bottles and cooking pots
22. Rags are better than bandages in terms of inventory space
23. Wear waterproof clothing to keep yourself and your items dry
24. When hitting zombies, aim slightly above their heads in 1st person to guarantee headshots
25. Wearing a backpack makes you much louder

DayZ Tips (Intermediate Tips: 26-50)

Our intermediate tips are for those who’ve already put a few hours into the game but want to prolong their survival experience.

26. You jump higher with your weapon out
27. Rags can be stored in your mouth as a gag
28. The ‘press’ police vest is just as strong as a plate carrier
29. Combine a rope with a burlap sack and sticks to make an improvised backpack
30. It only takes 9-10 hits to knock you unconscious from a zombie, and 27-30 to kill you.
31. Apples, plums and pears are found in certain trees
32. Stones spawn alongside trails and train tracks
33. Mushrooms spawn around trees, trails and hay bails. They are edible and do not cause any poisonous effects.
34. Sharing a canteen with an ill/infected player has a chance to give you their sickness
35. Combining a bottle and duct tape will craft an improvised suppressor
36. Weapons are more likely to jam when badly damaged
37. Always carry a lockpick – they can only be unlocked by another lockpick
38. Not wearing shoes makes you much quieter, but causes you to bleed
39. Jump when you’re wounded, this makes you almost as fast as when you’re sprinting
30. Items and water can be stored inside a cooking pot, making it the best container
41. The description of a weapon will tell you which type of ammo it takes
42. Your weapon will always reset to single fire upon rejoining the game
43. You can adjust the firing range of your weapon to decrease the amount of bullet drop. For example, shooting over a 500m distance on 500m firing range will eliminate the need to adjust the crosshairs vertically
44. Drinking from a bottle is much faster than drinking from your hands
45. A hunting/combat knife can be stored inside of an assault boot
46. The shipwreck north of Berezino spawns military gear
47. Red radio towers are great locations to find weapons
48. Cooked food will give more energy
49. You can restrain players using different items such as rope, duct tape, metal wire, barbed wire and handcuffs (in order of effectiveness)
50. Hit a person who is struggling whilst restrained to cancel the struggling animation

DayZ Tips (Advanced Tips: 51-75)

Here’s where things start to get complicated. These advanced DayZ tips and tricks are for the more experienced player and will cover everything from advanced movement to life-saving skills.

51. Clouds always head to the east
52. Power lines always lead to towns
53. The clock on the tower in Chernarus displays the exact time of day in that server
54. Refil canisters at gas pumps from petrol stations (or gas stations for you Americans)
55. Before reloading, chamber a bullet in your gun for an extra shot
56. Performing the heart emote with tents/sea chests allow you to carry them faster (F3)
57. Jumping while reloading cancels the reload and drops the magazine by your feet
58. When carrying heavy objects, walk backwards and continuously drop and pick up the item you’re holding. This is much faster than walking
59. Barrels can be dropped in water, where they are out of sight
60. In base building, a hatchet can be used instead of a hammer to construct structures
61. Use a hacksaw on a log to get 3 planks
62. Planks can also be found at sawmills in lumber piles. Sawing through lumber piles will give you the planks
63. Players can boost over base walls
64. Using a good pair of headphones gives you an advantage over those who don’t!
65. Containers such as cooking pots and protective cases are just as persistent as tents and barrels
66. The handheld tranceiver has a range of up to 3km, whereas the base radio has a range of 20km
67. Putting items inside containers will protect them from bullets
68. Use a knife to cut seeds out of vegetables
69. Craft armbands out of raincoats, then craft the armbands into 5 rags
70. Use ALT (PC) or the right bumper (console) whilst running to free look without changing direction
71. Take out your weapon much faster by putting it on the left side of your backpack
72. Make sure you wear gloves when sliding down a ladder as this will prevent bleeding
73. Green storage containers, located all around the map, spawn military gear
74. You can attach the assault backpack to the assault vest (Smersh vest)
75. Eating the fat from a human body will not give you Kuru (a brain disease)

DayZ Tips (Expert Tips: 76-100)

Finally, our expert DayZ tips and tricks are for the fully adept players who want to significantly expand their existing range of skills

76. Tying yourself up with duct tape and breaking free will give you a full roll of duct tape
77. Spamming the crouch button whilst reloading a magazine is quicker
78. Taking your barrel attachment off while aiming through a window/wall will stop your gun from pointing upwards
79. Falling against a wall allows you to see through it
80. Radios that are on the ground can still be spoken through
81. Testing your blood with a blood test kit displays your blood type above your HUD (see the chart above for blood type info)
82. You can saw the barrel off a Mosin or BK rifle to reduce its size. However, this significantly increases recoil and wear rate
83. Cut open the body of a dead player inside a car in order to get the loot
84. Locks only have 1000 combinations so can be guessed easily
85. Eating human flesh will cause your character to laugh and twitch – a sure warning sign for any other players
86. Craft a hand drill kit from bark and a stick. This will allow you to ignite a fire as an alternative to matches
87. A fire can be crafted in houses with a fireplace, however smoke will come from the chimney alerting nearby players
88. Following the chicken’s call in the morning will lead you to a chicken
89. Raising your hands just as you pick up a heavy item will put you in a glitched state which is quicker than walking
90. Cut down a tree, bury a container full of items in the tree’s location and after the server resets your items will be well hidden
91. Bury a stash in a graveyard, train track or under a radio tower, as there will be no pile showing where the stash is
92. The tank in Chernarus allows you to clip inside it, making you invisible
93. Use a long stick as storage for vegetables, fruits and meats
94. It’s possible to load both slugs and buckshot rounds into the same shotgun
95. Similarly, you can load both tracer and non-tracer rounds into the same gun
96. Gunshots can be heard from up to 3.5km away
97. Put a battery of a headtorch into your Hotbar, spam it to make the headtorch flicker
98. Most surfaces in DayZ are penetrable with bullets
99. Set your graphics settings to low. This makes grass and trees render in 2D, making enemies stick out easily
100. When swimming in water, carry 3 pieces of cooked meat to avoid getting cold

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