Mango Rules

-Do not abuse Trader godmode to escape death or combat.

-Do not attack players within 500m of Traders. Use your godmode when exiting wisely.

-Do not ram vehicles or players with a vehicle in trader zones.

-Do not steal or grief in traders.

-Do not build or place storage in traders.

-Do not cut trees in traders.

-Do not hotmic in traders the usage of megaphones in traders is porhibited.

-Do not block players in traders.

-Do not camp trader cities ( Klen Trader, Kotka Trader, )

-Vehicles Abandoned in traders will be deleted after server restart.

– Do not build on high-loot buildings of military or industrial kind. This includes hospitals & police stations.

– Your base can be maximum of 6 Base building Plus walls in height. If you are already building in a structure then a maximum 3 Base building Plus walls.

– The base must be realistic. If it cannot stand in-real life, it’s not allowed.

– Do not build within 100m of a cement mixer

– Do not build within 750m of any trader.

– Do not build within 550m of any military location marked on the map.

– Do not build over main roads.

– You are only allowed to build a maximum of 25 Doors or Gates (You can mix it of course like 7 gates and the rest doors). and you can have a maximum of 5 Floor/Roof hatches.

– You can only have 1 base flag pole per base you cannot destroy it and replace it to build larger structures.

– Door-spamming is prohibited. Do not build doors/gates/hatches closer than 1 Base building Plus wall.

– A base cannot be unraidable. If it has no way to enter when raiding then an admin will open it up.

– Un-registered bases will be deleted. A player can only be registered with one base at a time.

– English only in side chat.

– Do not discriminate or harass people.

– You can be refunded for anything lost to a bug, Server-crash ( Client-Crashes are not applicable) or rulebreak. For your refund to be approved, you must provide substancial evidence. You cannot be refunded without proof. Validate your proof with !proof ingame!

– You may only own a maximum of 1 vehicle per person. If your group has a base that is registered, that base is allowed as many vehicles as the group has members registered to the location.

– No inappropriate nick names or clan tags.

– Loot cycling is not allowed under any circumstances.

– The use of alternate accounts to avoid a ban on the main account will result in a permanent ban for the Alternate account and additional time added to the main account.

– You are allowed to raid and loot another base, but not steal it or grief it. This includes changing codelocks.

– When raiding, you are only allowed to destroy entrances and what it blocks. This means doors, gates and hatches.

– Griefing loot is prohibited. Take the loot you want, leave the rest where you found it. Do not leave anything to despawn. If you want to bring a storage container you must bring whats inside or put it in another container.

– Do not use exploits or glitches/bugs to get in or out of a base.

– Climbing ontop of teammates and cars is allowed. Building kits to climb over is prohibited.
You can only stack on 1 car and boost with a max of 3 people.

– You may use only 1 barrel to boost it cannot be combined with a car or 3 people.

– Do not use any glitches, bugs or exploits to gain an unfair advantage in combat. This includes streamsniping.

– It is forbidden to log out while in combat – this includes raiding and entering another base uninvited. After being in combat, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes before you can log out.

How to take valid proof of ownership for vehicles!

Unlock / Lock Must show as shown on the pictures below with the command !proof ingame.

Note: stolen cars are not eligible for refund unless you have the key